Wooden Tea Chests For The Better Guest Amenities

Tea is a delightful item to offer to a guest, and there is no better way to offer it than in a tea chest. This specially-designed box consists of an outside that is usually made of wood, with partitions found inside for the purpose of holding and displaying several varieties of tea bags.

Tea chests can have any number of partitions inside them, from small boxes of six to restaurant-level tea chests arrays that can reach twenty or more. You can also get the best black tea chest wood for your hotel guests through online sources.

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These larger chests, along with touches like ornamental teapots, are generally found in fine dining establishments, bed and breakfast hotels and spas to offer to those visiting these establishments.

The types of tea in a chest generally fall into three categories: herbal, black, and green. Where black used to be the prevailing tea, green experienced a resurgence of popularity in the last decade or so, owing at least in part to its healthy reputation.

Green tea has a grassy, clean taste and makes a much lighter cup that is usually absent from milk and sugar when being enjoyed. Herbal teas make a lovely addition to teapots and are a safe alternative for tea drinkers such as expectant mothers, who may not be able to have caffeine.

To ensure you practice good manners, be sure to only select one tea bag at a time from the tea chest. Taking several could make you look greedy in the eyes of your fellow guests, and you can always ask for seconds later!

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