Why Equine Feed balancers are Important?

Equine feed balancers are made to match a horse's regular feed ration. Feed balancers comprise essential amino acids necessary for muscle and tissue growth and repair. Feed balancer also includes anti-oxidants that help eliminate toxins in the horse's own body and components that encourage healthy hoof growth like biotin, calcium, and methionine.

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Other components of balancers can comprise MSM, B Vitamins and equine prebiotics and yeasts for keeping a healthy intestine and omega 3 to get a healthy shiny coat.

Many horses’ pastures don't incorporate the ideal combination of vitamins and minerals which are required to supply a balanced nutrient consumption. For example, few pastures are lacking in magnesium or selenium and this, in turn, may lead to behavioral and health difficulties.

Feeding a balancer helps in supplying vitamins and minerals into a horse's diet plan without needing to overfeed centers that are full of cereals and so are high in carbohydrates.

Horses are not intended to eat cereals; overfeeding cereals may boost the chance of gastrointestinal disorders and colic. Utilizing less focus, feeding more fiber along with a good feed balancer can reduce the dangers introduced by cereals.

Most horse feed centers do not contain pro-biotic but amazingly many feed balancers do not include pro-biotic, just yeast. It is extremely important to know why, when, and how to use horse feed balancers. This information will help you keep your horse happy, healthy, and performing at optimum levels throughout the year.

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