Why do we need printer at home?

Printers are equally important like other peripherals we use in our daily life at home. You may think that printers are used only in workplaces like offices, schools, colleges and are not require in home but they are very important and one should keep a printer at home ,with different variety of printers their usages are also different such as inkjet printers are used to print documents their print quality may be low but these are cost effective and can be maintained very easily, laser printers as the name implies makes use of a laser to print high quality images faster than inkjet printers, whereas dot matrix printers are used to print large amount of documents these are used in banks or electricity or telephone departments.

It is easy now days to afford a printer which was difficult to purchase during early years of printer production and the main reason why printers are costly is because of the ink used during the printing process but with time and increase in competition the companies produces cost effective printers these are known as colour laser printer multifunction because they can print, scan and fax thus eliminating the need of a scanner or a fax machine in the office. Multi-Function printers not can save your time and money as these printers are affordable as well as they are easy to use, even a nine year old can operate them without doing any harm to one.


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