Why do I need a conveyancing lawyer?

Buying a house can be the most stressful but ultimately satisfying time of your life and certainly one of the most important financial transactions that you'll make. Having professionals around you at this time is crucial to ensure each step of the process run smoothly.

In most cases, this includes a conveyancer. The road less taken is not to engage a Conveyancer at the end of the transaction but earlier in the process.

When Selling a Property

Your first port of call is a conveyancer or solicitor, as you need the right Vendor's statement to go through with a selling transaction, a conveyancer can also help prepare a Contract of Sale to start the process straight away.

Another reason to engage them early on is to advise on the best settlement date before offers are made.  If this applies to you remember time has to be made to discharge the mortgage with the bank that may take time, always keep bank time in mind

If the transaction is not straightforward for example, a deceased estate, a grant or probate may be needed thus affecting a settlement date, and possibly special terms added. For advice contact conveyancing solicitors as they know what is best to do next.

When Buying a Property

Buyers should look to a conveyancer or solicitor before signing a Contract and a good idea to have them look over all documentation thoroughly beforehand, checking for unusual terms. They will identify anything pertaining to the property such as planning permission is disclosed.  Thus avoiding finding out a new road is being built at the back of the house in 12 months.

The prevalent advantages of hiring a conveyancer or solicitor early is to give time for any negotiations and ensure full disclosure buying a house can be a long process, and with the finishing line in sight people tend to run, and that's where mistakes are made.

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