When Joe Tacopina Visited The American University Of Rome

Joe Tacopina, the proprietor of Bologna F.C., told students of The American University of Rome that the estimation of his football club has expanded drastically since he took control. Tacopina, who has been hailed in Bologna as the guardian angel of the notable club, was welcomed by Professor John Genzale, to find with AUR students. Prof. Genzale was the individual most powerful behind the dispatch of the Sports Management program at AUR. The gathering who went to the Tacopina talk was a universally various gathering of Marketing and Sports Management understudies.

Joe Tacopina said that his club was in ninth place in the Serie B when he took control however that it has battled resolutely to second place – a position of programmed advancement. The prominent trial lawyer from New York clarified the business estimation of Bologna coming back to its legitimate place in Italian football. Joe Tacopina met with the college president Dr. Richard Hodges before tending to the Students. Dr. Hodges got some information about the astuteness of convey the American business games model to Italian football. Tacopina clarified the significance of expanding "undertaking worth," and the income streams that have brought about sensational "increments in the business prospects of our club in the last half year". 

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