When Church Services Are Canceled

As the Christmas day celebration comes to a close and families settle in for the evening, travelers are wondering if the roads will be safe to travel because of the predictions and forecast of snow.

The news weather service reported the strong possibility of a white Christmas and indeed it was a white Christmas.  News stations also reported flight cancellations, but the roads did appear to be safe for traveling. 

As the evening progressed, alerts began to scroll across the bottom of the t.v screen and the alerts named churches that canceled their services for Sunday. 

I wonder what many devout and religious folk will do on the Sunday after Christmas; the church is canceled. Our culture certainly has a way with words; "services canceled". 

The very notion of coming together to worship God is canceled. You can also visit https://www.soundofheaven.church/ online to get the knowledge about the church services.

• Church closed

• Church in foreclosure

• The church burned down.

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Christmas evening, December 25th, 2010, many churches are announcing "services canceled". 

Can the church close and service cancel? Is a church ever in foreclosure? Is is possible for any church to burn down? When talking about the ecclesia, the called out ones or the people of God, we are never in foreclosure, closed and we cannot burn down. 

It is a fact among believers, the church is made up of worshipers, born again believers; but you would never know it by the words we use to define and describe it.  

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