What To Do When Your House Door Lock Gets Frozen?

When you get back home in solidifying temperatures, the immediate situation you will oftentimes discover is that the lock on your front entryway gets frozen and apparently impervious. In case that this transpires, don't lose hope – you can defrost the ice and get your key in the lock without requiring any equipment to unfreeze it. If there is no way to call a professional locksmith that can help you find a way to keep the lock from solidifying ever again, sparing you the inconvenience of de-icing it each time the winter season reaches its peak. Here are some temporary solutions that you can try each time your locks get frozen.

Light up a match or a lighter under your key to warm it up. In case that you don't have access to any of these, press the key against the engine of your vehicle, if it is still warm or if you just drove home, it will in any case be sufficiently hot enough to warm the key and melt the frozen ice inside.

Push the key into the lock, painstakingly squirming it around to spread the warmth and help melt the frozen part. Then again, spread a few drops of hand sanitizer and gradually work it into the lock and key in a comparable manner. The liquor in the hand sanitizer dissolves the ice.

Before doing the things above, here are some tips you need to apply. Continuously wear gloves when taking care of a hot key. At the point when the lock isn't solidified, plunge your key inside the jar of a petroleum jelly, stick it in the lock and squirm it forward and backward. Do this a few more times to spread the jam all through within the lock, and rehash this procedure once every week all through the winter to avoid icing.

If nothing works right and you still cannot unlock the main chamber of the lock, feel free to contact the certified locksmiths of: www.surpriselocksmithpros.com.

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