Video Social Network Quickly Capturing the Teen Markets

If you have not heard of musically, you probably do not have teenagers or pre-teens in your house. The network, launched late 2014 but "exploded" last summer, has about 70 million users, including half of US adolescents, and has millions of new users per month.

Musicly started as an application that allows users to make instant music clips 15 seconds (sing their own songs, does not cover, lip synchronization with popular music provided by the app, etc.), but This has grown to include people who share short sketches of comedies, bands, and artists who are launching new songs on the platform, and professional artists (including musicians on the A list) who use the system to increase their numbers. popularity. of their music, I myself joined the network, and launched a series of #FunFacts: quick and interesting facts explained by video (I encourage you to follow me there – I am @JosephSteinberg). The commitment I have seen both by myself and the performance of other people's accounts seems much better than typical on most other social platforms.

Such a phenomenon is not really surprising. Alex Zhu, one of the founders of musically who is today one of the company's two co-CEOs, told me that although many social platform teams are focusing on the increase in the number of users or downloads of applications, music mainly focused on increasing the commitment of existing users. Although, like most modern social platforms offers musically features followers (continued) unidirectional friends, bidirectional (continued), likes and comments, forms musically added several news of commitment to find other flat -Social forms, including "Best Forever Follower" relationships that allow popular users to grant privileges and a special status to loyal fans and Duets, which allows users to create virtual content with other users, even if they are not not online at the same time.

Bearing in mind that social networks have to do with the interaction between people, it is not surprising that a platform focused on team participation is doing well; Today, musically has about 10 million daily users who share 11 million videos a day, and this number continues to grow. Another benefit of focusing on engagement is that many applications become popular downloads and shrink rapidly as audiences move to other platforms (do you remember Meerkat for casting live?); High levels of participation can help keep apps and platforms popular in the long run.

Ironically, the success of Musically Likes also serves as a lesson to entrepreneurs on the importance of knowing when to do the rotation. Originally, the founders intended to create an educational social network that would allow people to share their knowledge through short videos. According to Zhu, it is literally the day the original application was launched that he and his colleagues realized that the application would fail in its current form because it took a lot of time and effort to create content; After finding that almost all teenagers listened to music on one train and / or photos and videos shared with each other, the team decided to restructure their offer and focus on a relevant form of entertainment, and as such, musically born.

According to US music president Alex Hofmann, the original musicly application has attracted a lot of attention, but the explosion and user engagement began when the platform added several social skills: a classification of which the content was more popular at one point, and the opportunity to please and comment on videos. As of July 2015, musically was one of the best Apple AppStore apps in several categories, and the app remains in a prominent position today.

For popular musicians (as musicly users are known), musically has created life-changing opportunities. During the Shorty Awards, I met four great musicians: Ariel Martin, Ariana Trejos, Loren Beech and Jacob Sartorious, whom I interviewed later with three of them. His spectacular and dazzling rise to the celebrity of social networks using the platform (each has millions of committed followers.

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