Useful Information about the Website Accessibility

Having a website that is accessible is not only fun but must have. Although there are still problems with displaying inconsistent content across browsers, the problem is far better than before. This means that there is no reason to remember accessibility when creating and updating your site.

Here are some accessibility tips to keep in mind when creating your site:


You must resist the temptation to use images or Flash for links on your site, and it is better to use text-based links. It helps with accessibility, search engine spiders, and ensures that navigation links can be passed using the tab key as well as the mouse. You can learn ADA & WCAG web standards and laws from various online sources.

The ability to use the keyboard to move around the site is an important accessibility requirement to ensure those who cannot use the mouse for various reasons are not harmed by your site.

Alt Tags

Make sure all images have alt or alternative text tags attached. These are the main accessibility requirements, to ensure that those who can't see images, or choose to browse without images, can see all your sites without any harm.

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Alt tags must be descriptive and relevant for each image, rather than generic or used as a place to enter keywords that are not relevant to the image.


When it comes to accessibility, one of the biggest obstacles is Flash. Therefore, Flash should only be used sparingly and only to add content that is fun rather than important content. Besides being slow to load, Flash is often stripped by a firewall or turned off in a web browser.


Makes sense with your color scheme. Make sure you use colors that fit together and are easily seen. Therefore do not use colors that clash, too similar or too light to read easily on the screen.

Font size

Make sure that if possible you don't improve the font size, but rather allow site visitors to adjust the font size according to their needs both make it bigger and easier to read, or maybe even smaller.

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