Types of Earth Movers And Its Specific Uses


As someone who is planning to start his or her own construction business, or even planning a small construction project on own land, familiarity with different types of earth movers is important. To help you out, below is a list of different types of earth movers and their specific uses.

1. Bulldozer

A bulldozer is one of the most multi-functional earth moving equipment. It can carry out several tasks such as pulling and pushing heavy loads such as huge rocks, boulders and even trees. This machine with its front blades operating hydraulically is of great help at construction sites.

2. Cranes

These are very important for lifting heavy loads and are attached with a bucket which does the job. They are mostly used for the purpose of clearing waste and debris from a construction site or transporting it to another location.

3. Pile drivers

Pile drivers are essential for constructing building as they are used for gong deep in the soil for the making foundations of the buildings.

4. Road Rollers

Road rollers are important for compressing and flattening the surface on which they are rolled over. They can easily compact soil, gravel and rocks in to the surface. They are mostly used in road construction and also at landfills.

5. Excavators

Excavators can easily be recognized from their long bucket shaped arm that is attached to a pivoting cab. They are most used to lift heavy machinery or dirt and debris.

Therefore before starting a construction business or hiring Brisbane earthmovers it is important that you acquaint yourself with the aforementioned earth mover equipment. 

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