Traveling to Amazing city of Tradition: Seoul

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is situated in the northwestern area of the nation, in the lender of Han River. Seoul presents various enticing destinations for tourists to experience its attractiveness in various facets.

It’s a universe of its own which owns amazing temples, palaces, museums, gardens, and parks. The tourists are greatly fascinated by a few of its special attractions. If you are planning a trip to South Korea then you can visit with great deals.

Seoul has rich cultural and architectural heritage that’s well exhibited in the kind of temples, palaces museums in addition to artwork and crafts and lots of festivals. The four palaces are among the best attraction for the tourists.

Changdokkung, assembled as a secondary palace into The Kyongbokkung Palace is just another one that’s worth to be said. It’s famous for its Secret Garden that includes 78 acres of gardens beautifully manicured with pavilions, ponds, and wooded locations. Aside from these, the Toksugung, considered a royal palace, is now famous for an individuality of Royal Museum, which shows items once employed by the royal court.

Over here the travelers may have the ideal sample of eating, shopping, and nightlife of South Korea. Each road of the lively city reflects the color and color of conventional heritage and contemporary outlook side-by-side in excellent harmony.

So plan a visit to Seoul at first to find the idiom of tradition and fashion of Korean civilization. Your trip to town is further enriched with all the authentic blend of traditional hospitality and contemporary conveniences and services which are provided to the guests in the resorts in Seoul.

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