Top Types Of Wedding Photography

When you begin your search for a wedding photographer, you're going to run into plenty of terminology discussing styles that you possibly will not have heard before. Here are some styles of wedding photography that will be open to you.


This type of photography might be given to interpretation. Photographs could be saturated with color, given 'special' effects or could even be hard to decipher because wedding photographs. You may want to discover a photographer that utilizes this style when you plan on hanging one or a lot of your wedding photos on your wall. You can also contact ithaca wedding photographer at if you want to know more about the different styles of photography.


While professional photography lovers do utilize candid photography, it's most often the sort of picture-taking that you see coming from amateurs. A tiny point and shoot approach it doesn't have subjects primping and posing. Such photography is most often used by more casual weddings.


Such photography may be a combination of all other types or a type that utilizes whatever design of photography is currently in fashion. Look through some popular photography magazines and even bridal magazines to see what's popular.


Photographers using this style attempt to convey a true feeling on the wedding and reception through the photographs. Looking through the wedding album will help you relive the day as it happened without the employment of words or captions. This sort of photography is also called photojournalism.


Sometimes called 'traditional', these are posed shots where most people are looking at the camera. Group shots on the wedding party, the couple with their families and the couple by themselves are popular.

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