Tips For Finding Customers For Your Web Development Company

There are plenty of organizations across the world with the expertise to create breathtaking pieces of internet software. If you write your code into ASP, PHP, Perl or some other language then you will have something that website owners will value. The challenge is where to find customers when your normal site owner doesn’t know PHP out of a BLT.

In 1999 I set up a web development business and it has gone from strength to strength. Within this column, I will share the very effective piece of advice that I will offer and explain how we bring customers and have continued to grow in the previous 8 years.

An assumption of the information is that advertising to get clients is costly and time intensive and sometimes coping with those looking to produce their first website is time-consuming and bothersome if their notions are wildly different from everything you know will soon become successful.

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I started out by writing a small set of PHP scripts and advertised these within the ‘geek’ community. These contained a comparatively straightforward whois script that allows users to type in a domain name and check its accessibility. This fleetingly expanded to include a shopping cart and ordering procedure.

During the first year, I offered this whois script at no cost. A few hundred businesses downloaded the program and I ensured I reacted to some support inquiries very quickly and politely. As the app rose I started charging approximately #50 ($100) per download and the script went from strength to strength.

This version achieves is that organizations that want to find a whois script, however, do not have the technical skill to write one themselves find that your offering, then they contact you with support orders and are pleased with your degree of support.

Every single day I sold a duplicate of the who is script and every week I had been creating new connections with design firms all over the globe. These design businesses spend their time dealing with customers, advertisements for a new job and managing the stress of finding new leads and I stumbled back and replied to emails with quotations and did Illustrator perform.

E-commerce model might not work for everybody but I would definitely recommend giving it a try – develop a thing which design firms may download and then provide them with a fantastic provider, the higher you can do that the more chance they have of recalling you and rewarding you have more profitable work in the future.

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