Things to Do When Your Teeth Cracks

Teeth are exposed to danger because of long and tense days. Habits such as clenching, grinding, and chewing on hard food or objects make our teeth vulnerable. Even though the surface covering the teeth is strong, it still has its limits.

What Causes Cracked Teeth

  • Your teeth can last for years and then decide to crack. Here are some reasons:
  • Chew hard objects
  • Accidents due to sports or physical fights
  • Grind or clench your teeth
  • Malocclusion (biting or uneven chewing)
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures (shifting from heat to cold and vice versa)
  • Fragility
  • Cavity

Indications of Damaged Teeth

Damage and cracks can be detected for many reasons. First is experiencing pain when chewing, especially when releasing biting pressure. Pain can come and go. You can find emergency dental care in Oahu from various web sources.

A dentist may find it difficult to find teeth that cause pain. A piece of your tooth can also be released when you chew hard food such as ice or candy.

What Care Should I Get

Urgent dental care is needed when your teeth are damaged. First, rinse your mouth with warm water. When in pain, you might take a pain reliever. If possible, bring along broken teeth. Visit the nearest dentist who might provide emergency dental care. Treatment varies depending on the intensity of the crack.

Small cracks known as craze lines require the least care. This is just a surface crack. They do not cause pain, because they only concern the appearance of your teeth. The dentist may polish a little and flatten the area that needs repair.

Early diagnosis is important for cracked teeth because it is difficult to detect even on X-ray examinations. Early treatment is even more important to prevent the spread of cracks. If detected early, the crown will solve the problem. However, you may need to undergo root canal therapy as the worst case scenario.

If the tooth is completely damaged, re-installation is only possible after 30 minutes to two hours. If you fail to comply, dental implants in New York can be done. The doctor can do a thorough oral examination before continuing. New York dental implants begin with surgical implant placement. After about four months, your teeth can be restored as if they were natural.

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