These Are The Best Headphones Under $100 If You Want Serious Bass!

Just recently, I had the chance to check out House of Marley Liberate headphones. They came across to me as a pair of really good-looking headphones. They really caught my eye when I saw them for the very first time. I was dumbstruck when I found that they only cost like 60 bucks. Now I’m a big headphones fan and have tried and tested lots and lots of different models. Despite my experience, I have never come across such a premium looking model for less than 100 bucks. In terms of the design, I genuinely think the Liberates are the best headphones under 100 dollars. Unfortunately, the design isn’t the start and end of a product.

House of Marley Liberate headphones

The way a particular model performs is the most important thing to evaluate. There are some terrific sets available at an affordable price. This guide is one, which describes the best headphones under $100 and it is important to compare these to the Liberates in terms of the performance.

The Liberates hold terrific quality when it comes to most features. Areas where these headphones are particularly impressive include the construction and the comfort. The sound is also delivered with impressive balance and accuracy. In fact, this model has often been compared to the more expensive and highly famed Audio Technica ATH-M50. Even though the ATH-M50 performs better in most departments of sound, the Liberates have impressive overall quality. The sound is definitely along the lines of being suitable for audiophiles. On top of this, the Liberates have a huge amount of bass about it, as you would expect from the Marley brand. However, this isn’t produced at a standard of some cheap headphones. The bass is truly great and matches the overall high standard of sound quality reproduced by the Liberates. These qualities make this product one of the best performing headphones within the sub 100-dollar price range. 


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