The Stadiums of Two Big Clubs in Manchester

2 clubs rivalry can simply happen because both clubs located in the same city. The city can be the reason they are rival. In Manchester, we have Manchester City and Manchester United. We ken that Man United is one of the biggest clubs in England with many trophies from league and cup. For the last 8 years, Machester City has been a great rival to their neighboring

club Manchester United. Especialy after the Machester City club taken over by an Abu Dhabi based firm as their new owner. Manchester City has turned into a club with world class players and coach and won two EPL trophies, one FA Cup, one League Cup, and one Community Shield. The rivalry goes on in the football stadium. More on what Macherster football is here!

Old Trafford

As the home of Manchester United, Old Trafford is the biggest stadium in English Premier League. The capacity of it is about 75,000 seats. The only football stadium which is bigger than Old Trafford is Wembley Stadium, with 90,000 seats. The capacity of Old Trafford still cannot be equated with other English football clubs. Even Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal since 2006, is only able to contain about 60,000 seats and it is the second largest stadium in English football Club. Club’s official site is

City of Manchester

The Man City home is the City of Manchester or now commercially called Etihad Stadium. The capacity of the Etihad Stadium is about 55,000 seats for football match. It gets the home of Manchester City as the fourth largest football stadium in England or the third largest stadium midst English football club.

It seems that Manchester City is racing to be a big club of English football club in every way. The last year reform got the stadium has 55,000 seats for football game. It makes the two football clubs in Manchester has big football stadiums.

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