The Ideal Makeup For Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, you might often wonder what colours suit you best. Eyeshadows, mascara, liner; all of them might seem to be hard choices to make when you have a unique eye colour. Eyes are capable of bringing out the best in your features by going with almost all colours of eye makeup. Several companies understand what you worry about. Here is a list of all the colours that can make you look amazing and make you enjoy what you have.

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Colours like rust, copper, peach, bronze and coral can really enhance your eye colour. These colours go in contrast and make your eyes look mesmerizing. The contrasting colour makes your eyes pop. Wear bright neon orange or one of the others and it might be one of the best makeup decisions you have ever made. Eco makeup has the best range of these shades.

Calm Colours

Medium blue can make you look like an absolute doll. Other shades that you might want to try are pale to medium blues, purples and shades of violet. Deep blue and pale, pink shade also highlight your beauty.


If you prefer neutral shades for eye makeup, you must try the shades of white. Khaki, camel shades make blue eyes look absolutely fabulous. Chocolate brown and grey shades also look great.

Best Shades

There are many shades that you can try on but a few of them are perfect for you. Metallic colours like metallic coppers, golds and shimmering whites look really great and classy. Peach, coral and darker shades of purples suit blue eyes the most.

Don’t be shy to experiment. You never know what works with your eye popping eye colour. 

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