Teaching Children About Hurricane Preparedness

Preparing for a hurricane is better done as a family. In the event of a hurricane, your children will need to know what to do. Incorporating them in preparation for a storm is the best way for them to learn.

It is important to review a family plan with them so that everyone knows what to do in the event of a hurricane. Inform the children of a safe place that everyone will meet in the case of a storm. Depending on your location and the severity of the storm, this place could be a room in your house, or it could be a shelter in your community. If you do need to leave your house, have an escape route outlined for each family member and a meeting spot on the property where everyone will meet. Be sure to practice this escape route every so often to make sure everyone gets out safely and knows where to go, and so that in the case of emergency, your children will remember what to do. If they have practiced this drill before an actual storm, the process of leaving the house will be much less confusing.

It will also ease a child's fears to have some idea of what follows after a storm, and why you will need certain items. As these items are shown to a child, they will have less fear knowing that these items exist. Take your child with you when you shop for these things.

When you pick up a lantern and a flashlight, tell them that hurricanes can take the power lines down, which will cause you to lose electricity. Tell them not to fret, because the power lines will be repaired, but in the meantime, you have lanterns, flashlights, and backup batteries to provide you with light.

When you are picking out canned foods, meals ready to eat and gallons of water, familiarize your children that food will not be scarce, as you have enough to feed everyone until the roads are drivable, or until help arrives. You can choose meals in family-friendly packaging to make them feel more comfortable and curious about the product. Military grade MREs are a good choice, you can tell them they are brave like soldiers to ease the situation. 

Let your children pick out the blankets and pillows that they want to have in the emergency supply. Letting them pick a favorite soft toy to put in the emergency supply will help ease their fears knowing they have a little friend to keep them company.

When packing clothes like rain coats, show them the one they will have to keep them dry.

Let your children add toys, books, coloring books, and games of their choosing, so they know they can stay entertained.

Show them the battery operated telephone and radio you have in your supply kit that will be able to reach people for help and news.

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