Swimming Pools And The Monsoon Rains

Courtesy: SwimRight Pool Service and Repair

The monsoon season is a time when many swimming pools close down due to the problems caused. Rain carrying contaminates can pollute the water while dust brought by the winds can block the pools’ filters and spoil equipment. If you happen to own a swimming pool, then there are several tips you can follow to deal with these problems.

1. Do not drain your pool

Many consider draining their pool of water before the monsoon season hits, as the dust and germs brought by rain can contaminate the water. However, this is not advised. With no water, the tiles of your pool are vulnerable to debris brought by the monsoon wind. They can be scratched or chipped by falling tree branches and pebbles.

2. Do not use your pool cover

You may think it’s wise to place a cover over your pool to prevent the water from being contaminated. However, this rarely works. Strong winds can blow your cover off, and debris carried by the wind can damage the cover. It’s best to simply put it away, and not use it at all.

3. Protect your equipment

Any pool equipment such as pumps, motors or filters should be kept covered and away from the wind and rain. Remember to turn off all appliances such as your pool pump, chlorinator and lighting to prevent any electrical problems.

Such tips can minimize the damage caused by the monsoon season. In the unlikely event that something is damaged, you may find pool repairs in Townsville

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