Soil And Environment Testing For The Construction Industry

A progressive and active engineering consulting company offers best solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential structures while adhering to the best practices in the construction industry. These professional services include geotechnical testing such as the testing and analysis of soil.

For the design of a proposed structure's footings and foundation, accurate geotechnical information is required.This information is gathered through site investigations accomplished by certified practitioners in the field with the use of hand augers and mechanical augers.You can browse to know more about the soil testing processes.

The analytical procedures applied to adhere to appropriate industry and international standards. The resulting site investigation report contains the pertinent geotechnical information and recommendations for footing.

Determining the quality of land

Excellent services for geotechnical testing should entail field testing of rocks and soil for the use of the construction industry, as well as pertinent laboratory testing. The range of tests normally includes in-site density testing and a plate bearing tests for geotechnical field testing.

Aggregate and rock testing would include tests for the soundness of magnesium sulphate, frost heave, point load, and direct shear strength.

Several geotechnical laboratory tests also have to be accomplished such as analysis for particle size and density, moisture content, soil suction, sedimentation using the pipette method, among many other tests.

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