Smoke Cartel Best Buy

There’re currently many smoking gears available on the market. In Smoking Cartel, you can find many great products coming with the exciting buying package and good price at the same time. In this article, I’ll give you some products considered as the best buy in the Smoke Cartel.

The ‘Othership’ Mothership Inspired Faberge Egg Rig

This glass pipe has the form of fab egg style with the fixed downstream leading to great-shaped showerhead perch. It has the height of 11 inches with 14.5 mm joint. It has the thick and unmarked glass that looks simple but stunning. Othership is made by the high-quality material as well. You can get the dome less nail and carb cap if you purchase this good in the Smoke Cartel. You can take this glass pipe to your home by paying USD 149.00. Many people have rated this gear with the ‘build quality’, ‘ease of pull’ and ‘filtration’ labels.

Grav Labs Glass Blunt

This is one of the most wanted product sold on Smoke Cartel. It’s the portable pipe with the compact design. You can fill the substance as much or as little due to its tube sliding feature. Grave Labs glass blunt is made by the branded and high quality glass. The clear glass of this portable pipe will enhance its look. This pipe is made for the dry herbs.

Minotaur Double Bowl Bubbler

The great choice you can probably pick is the ‘Minotaur’ Double Bowl Bubbler. It’s produced by the popular Sesh Supply. It has double chambers which can double the bubbler. It’s made by the branded, thick glass. It comes with the option of clear and colored glass.  

These best buy products are the must-have item things that should be added to your collection. They’re all have been proven by many people to be the great products. So you don’t have to take many considerations to buy these amazing products.

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