Silica – Its Uses and Benefits

Silica is the most popular mineral which is present in abundance on the surface of earth. There are many minerals found on rocks that contain silica. This mineral can be available on various sources such as on huge hills, sandstone, quartz crystals, quartz sand also known as silica sand, opal, flint and diatomite etc.

Different sources can give different colored silica i.e. purple quartz, yellow topaz also known as false topaz and milky quartz which is also known as rose quartz.

Silica can be found in a variety of forms. Silica has many health and industrial uses. Our body only requires very little bit of silica to remain healthy. Silica is very useful for our – skin, cartilages, blood vessels, bones, tendons, teeth & hair. This also helps in active formation of healthy bones & collagen.

Other health benefits of Silica:

Silica slows down the aging process;

It improves skin elasticity;

It strengthens your teeth & gums;

It enhances the collagen formation;

It also promotes hair growth;

Aging process – as people grow old the silica levels decreases in our body. So it is advisable to use silica as an anti-aging component. Silica is also famous from the name – diatomaceous earth. You can find more useful information through

Protection from diseases – Silica helps you to mitigate adverse health effects such as the development of Alzheimer's diseases. A research has shown that usage of silica provide great protection against this disorder.

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