Rock Out at the 2015 Canadian Music Week in Toronto!

special event in torontoIf you’re looking for amazing special events in Toronto this summer you’d be sorry to miss the 2015 Canadian Music Week festival. While serving as one of the leading worldwide conferences for those in the music industry it’s far from another stuffy business gathering; and accessible to more than just the Tommy Motolla’s of the world. 

Taking place over the course of 10 days and 60 live venues the 2015 CMW offers up a smorgasbord of live music, films and cutting edge workshops and lectures led by some of the industry’s top names.

While those in the know will find the conference, held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, engaging and informative the rest of us can gorge on the plethora of live music and standup comedy. With over 1,000 showcasing acts there’s sure to be something to ring your bell. Pledge to rock out to some of the new bands showcasing or check up on old favorites like Death Cab for Cutie, Faith No More and Jon Mellencamp; for a complete line-up check out the festivals home page.

The greatest thing about this festival, aside from its enormous offerings, is the fact that it stretches all through downtown Toronto. As one of the most clean and beautiful cities in the world it makes a perfect destination for a festival of this scope. While the events are spread throughout town you’ll find exploring the streets of Toronto equally as pleasurable as the festivities themselves. Buy one wristband and gain access to everything one of the largest special events Toronto has to offer!

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