Raw Feeding Your Cat – How to Handle Raw Meat Safely

Lots of people shy away from raw feeding their cats because they have concerns about the security of raw meat. An easy and inexpensive way of handling raw meat is sanitizing both the meat and the countertop work surface with food grade hydrogen peroxide in a 1% dilution. You can get more information about cat boarding via http://tyvy.com/cat-boarding/.

Raw Feeding Your Cat - How to Handle Raw Meat Safely

Before going further, I need to highlight that the meat you feed your cat should be the exact same new and accredited meat that you purchase at the supermarket. Do not feed them spoiled meat, contaminated meat, or meat which hasn't been processed according to USDA standards for human consumption.

You will need the following kitchen tools to prepare the raw food for your cats: one or two sharp knives which are flexible enough to slice meat off the bone; a cutting board, either plastic or wood, that is dedicated to beef; a spray-bottle of any size that you find suitable; food grade hydrogen peroxide in a dilute solution of 17 percent; glass canning jars with reusable lids in the 4 ounce size; a bottle brush for cleaning hard to reach areas that can be washed in a dishwasher

Useful but optional kitchen tools that they make the preparation of uncooked foods simple are disposable rubble gloves, and a little meat smart for cutting bones. Last but not least, it's great to have an electric meat grinder powerful enough to grind bones.

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