Practice in Fighting Small Scale Fires

You always have the option to play around with flames, use them to light your cigarette up or create a peaceful environment. However, once you begin to misuse the things which make it light up, it can go from good to worse.

Peoples may get hurt, burned off and the worse: expire. You’re formerly known as a lovely house can turn into ashes before your own eyes. On a regular basis, money, the effort can decrease the drain simply when a little flame isn’t used correctly.

Putting out the fire as it is at its worst sort can be exceedingly dangerous. The lifestyles of the sufferers are already at risk and more individuals come in to make the chance even bigger. That is the reason it’s crucial for people to learn about firefighting before facing the fire. However, you really do to not be a professional to fight a fire.

Turn-off sources of gas and electricity.

  • Remove whatever could easily burn or even catch fire.
  • If a flame is slowly spreading, take the time to wear fire protection equipment like gloves or boots.
  • Get your fire extinguisher and use it to smother the flame in its base. Just ensure that you’ve got the right extinguisher readily available. Note: It’s better that you use a multi-rated extinguisher at home.
  • Check out online websites If you need advice for different Fire Extinguisher Layout Design (which is also known as “การออกแบบเค้าโครงไฟดับเพลิง” in the Thai language )


  • If you catch fire, do not fear or rush around, stop drop and roll up. You teach exactly the exact task if it happened to another individual. If it cannot be controlled, grab a fabric and wrap it around the individual with a tiny pressure.
  • If the griller starts to spark flames and regrettably, dried leaves and additional plants grabs it, then run to find the nearest hose and then hose down the burning thing to avoid spreading. 

Firefighting is all about procuring security. Don’t get it done until you know exactly what it is you are doing. In case of outrageous fires, leave it that the flame fighters, as they are better armed by doing so job.

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