Mike Tyson– McGregor Will Be Slaughtered In The Ring

Everything is going to explode in the mega fight of the year in the history of boxing on the 26th of August at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena. In line with that news is the McGregor vs Mayweather live stream fully functional and now ready to the audience for viewing on the exact date simultaneously.

There have been a lot of speculations and predictions as well that McGregor will have a hard time-fighting Mayweather in the ring. The struggle that McGregor is going to experience is the transition from MMA to boxing and Mike Tyson see this as a barrier to McGregor’s game plan.

On the same line, everything is preparation especially the McGregor vs Mayweather live stream platform readily available to the fans in the world.

Mike Tyson known to be one of the best in the league of heavyweights in boxing see that McGregor does not stand a chance against his opponent. Mayweather which remained undefeated will let McGregor understand that immense experience that he has in the ring and make it a lesson that vast experience sometimes outweighs true skill.

Mike Tyson also emphasizes that McGregor’s experience as an MMA fighter will pull him down to drain in boxing since he will not able to kick, grapple or use his elbows during the fight. McGregor is in a very bad position that Mayweather will just finish him off right there and then.

Although Mike Tyson is in favor with his fellow boxer with all the positives that he can comment to Mayweather, McGregor is still an opponent not to be messed with since McGregor is in a different caliber than Mayweather and could surprise Mayweather any time in the ring. McGregor is not dumb enough to face Mayweather without a trick under his sleeves and definitely, McGregor will prove to the world that he is the best contact fighter living in today’s era.

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