Microsoft is developing two Lumia smart phones with Windows 10 OS

The latest news from US, now, Microsoft is developing two new Lumia smart phones. One is flagship smart phone, named Cityman, and the other one is named Talkman for high end market. This news is also confirmed by UnleashthePhones.

As our information we collected, Cityman and Talkman are both running Windows operation system. Both units will come with big screen. 

Cityman is the flagship smart phone, it owns one 5.7 inch QHD screen, CPU is one octa core processor from Qualcomm. Its RAM is 3GB, the flash memory is 32GB, and rear camera is 20M pixels. The back of the unit can be removed, users can change battery or load memory card.  Cityman will support Continuum function added into Windows 10 recently. Once the Cityman is connected with an external TV screen, then it will become a desktop PC. 

Compared with Cityman, the screen of Talkman is smaller, only 5.2 inch QHD screen. CPU is one hexa core processor from Qualcomm as well. The RAM and camera resolution is the same as Cityman. 

Both smart phones will have three LED light, and 5M pixels front camera. Last week, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 OS for PC will be launched this summer, for smart phones, it will be a bit later. 

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