Materials Used To Make Promotional Bags

There is wide range of promotional bags available in market. These are made up of different kind of material. Some of the materials used to make bags are:


1. Low density polyethylene bags

It is the oldest type of polyethylene used in manufacturing of plastic bags. It is famous for seal-ability and transparency. It is usually used to make soft looped handled bags, die-cut bags and patch handled bags. Flexo-printing is used to print on this material.

2. Woven polyethylene bags

These are famous for their usability and strength. This material is relatively expensive than woven polypropylene bags. They also have smoother, softer finish and crisper print finish than woven polypropylene bags.

3. Paper bags

Paper is one of the common material that is used to make promotional or shopping bags. It is often used to make branded promotional products. There are different kinds of paper that are used which includes plain or ribbed, brown or white, one side coated or both side coated  and so on.

4. Jute

It is a vegetable fibre that is used to make first made into strong threads than into promotional bags and other products. it is one of the cost-effective fibre. It is often used to make eco-friendly bags and products.

5. Cotton bags

It is a strong, soft and breathable fabric that is used to make bags and other products. These bags are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Most companies use 1 or 2 colour for best results.

These are few materials that are used to make different kinds of bags. 

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