Making Revocable Living Trust

Within the past ten to fifteen decades, much was written concerning the Revocable Living Trust by financial and estate planners, a few of that have been factually true and a few of which was purely literary.

By most reports, the Living Trust was heavily encouraged by estate partners in California in which the expense of probate and also the duration of time involved in probating a Last Will and Testament was described as laborious.

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A Revocable Living Trust is a written tool created during the life of the Grantor (the individual establishing the trust) and can be effective throughout the life of the Grantor with respect to the resources that are set into the trust.


Using a Revocable Living Trust as opposed to a Last Will and Testament as an estate planning tool provides the following advantages:

Avoids the Price and period of probate and it’s attending expenses like Court filing fees, legal fees, guardian ad litem fees and executor’s commissions (however, will have trustee’s commissions);

Helps prevent possible challenges to your last will and testament about topics of testator’s competency.

Attacks on grounds of lack of due execution are extremely hard, but a standard of proficiency needed to do a revocable trust is greater, e.g.; ability to Create a contract.

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