Look to Ancient Medicine to Increase Height

Increasing a person’s height is something that is not easy to achieve. However at the same time it is not impossible. When we were kids, our parents would feed us with foods and tonics and tablets to stimulate height increase. Who can forget the hours spend hanging from the monkey bars?

Our parents would track the monthly spurts religiously. However, once we enter our teens, everything about this particular activity is pushed to the background. The logic behind this is that our bones have stretched to their natural capacity and they need to be strengthened. However, if you search for how to grow taller, you will come across pictures of boys (mostly) who are way above the average height. So what makes them outgrow others in this field?

The answers lie in ancient medicine. Scientists have documented proof of people in the ancient times were much higher in height than most of us. In fact, some documents suggested that this was the norm rather than the exception.  So what has changed?

The change is that we have stopped believing in the methods employed by ancient medicine. We prefer the generic tasteless tablets to the closer to nature medication that while being unpleasant to swallow, enhanced every part of the human body in the manner it was intended – Naturally without the use of chemicals.

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