Local SEO – What It Is and Why You Need It

As plenty of companies may think about a national campaign more important, the potential benefits of local SEO cannot be downplayed either, when it comes from searches made on smartphones.

In a recent study conducted by Search Engine Watch, it was discovered that around 70 percent of all mobile search engine users call businesses directly from the search results page. In other words, they select to call businesses without even checking their web-site. Now, take a minute to fully digest the implications of this study. Since potential customers no longer take the trouble of visiting your web-site, it is getting increasingly important to invest in search engine rankings. Always keep in mind that the higher you are in the rankings, the better your chances for attracting potential customers. For more help visit best seo firm.

Because Google is so persistent in providing users with more personalized results, establishments near your location are now likely to rank higher than those which are farther away. For example, in case you search for something generic like "steak restaurant", you'll probably get plenty of results for restaurants within your city and small results for restaurants in a different state. Improving your rating for these terms is fundamentally what local search engine optimization is all about, both for the short term and long term benefits it can provide.

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