Finding a best sewing machine for leather is a great situation to deal with if you are really looking for great quality of work and fine stitching. There are many sewing machine models out there in the market which are easily available in fewer prices, but with fewer prices comes cheap quality of work but that does not mean that every leather sewing machine with fewer prices is cheap at work or a leather sewing machine with high price is excellent in the field. To buy a best sewing machine for leather it is important to look on all the features of the leather machines which are being provided by the company.

A best sewing machine for leather includes the following names.

CB4500 Leather Sewing Machine by Cowboy

The CB4500 is a good quality sewing machine for leather which comes in fewer prices but with lots of good features and specifications. Some of its features include

If you want to sew two layers of leather at one time, the CB4500 is able to help you in stitching multi layers.

This leather sewing machine model is a walking foot machine.

You can easily do reverse stitching by the help of this sewing machine.

The shuttle hook of this model is big.

It has a feed dog.

It consist a needle feed.

It contains three different plates which are slotted, holster and stirrup by which you get great and easy stitching on leather.

You can maximize or minimize the speed of machine by the help of speed controller.

It has blanket and double foot.

Left and right toe feet are also found in this model.

90mm is the total diameter of cylinder.

The maximum speed of this model is 800rpm.

Presser lift is 25mm.

Stitch length at max is 11mm.

The CB4500 is one of those machines which are available in fewer prices but undoubtedly amazing at work.

WF21SS Leather Sewing Machine by Omega

The WF21SS is another best sewing machine for leather which consist all the good things that a leather sewing machine should have in it. Some of its specifications include

WF21SS is a walking foot machine.

Small size which makes it easy in carrying and helps in occupying less space.

Bobbin system is built-in.

Adjustable length.

Adjustable width.

Strong body and mechanism as it is especially made for sewing leather.

Omega and Cowboy are known to be the best companies which are making sewing machines for leather stitching and the quality of the stitches are outstanding by the models mentioned above. Beginners can also enjoy working on these two models because the functions are simple and easily understandable by the both amateur and professional users.

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