How to Include the Good Life Premise in Your Wedding Plans

The good life is the philosophy behind living well. You can include aspects of the good life into your wedding plans to help make it as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Here are just a few of the aspects of living well that you can include at your wedding.

Wine and Spirits

For a truly memorable experience, work with your caterer to create wine pairings for the meal. If you have more than one entrée being served have servers recommend the wine intended to be enjoyed to each guest. This attention to detail gives your reception dinner a notably upscale feel and will add to the pleasure of your guests’ experience. It will also discourage overindulgence, something frowned upon in the good life philosophy. When it comes to the spirits being served, consider using top-shelf liquor to create a truly exceptional cocktail or choice of cocktails designed specifically for your wedding guests. Offer them for a limited time to cut down on costs as well as overindulgence. Never underestimate the power of a toast with sparkling wine. If champagne is not in your budget discuss options such as prosecco, spumante and even sparkling ciders as an ideal glass of bubbly for your guests to enjoy. A glass per person will do nicely.

Gourmet and Organic Foods

Food is an indulgence often overlooked at weddings. Food churned out without thought by catering companies and hotels is very commonplace and wasteful. Working with a catering company with top-notch chefs who have a true appreciation of food and creating outstanding meals using the freshest ingredients will add to your evening’s appeal. Fresh, local and organic ingredients are all part of creating memorable dining experiences.

Green Wedding

Eco-friendly should be a concern for all couples and giving up elegance and enjoyment is no longer necessary to offer environmentally friendly options at your wedding. Living responsibly plays a key role in the good life and from using locally grown foods to recycled paper on your invitations there are many ways you can make your wedding greener. Many brides are opting for sustainable options in party favors and even in the fabric of their gowns. You can look for wedding and engagement rings made using diamonds and minerals that were humanely mined as well. You can look for a wedding venue that takes environmental responsibility seriously. Having your ceremony and reception at the same location can also cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Live Music

If you are trying to create the perfect ambiance consider hiring live musicians. Nothing is more effective or more romantic than a quartet of violins, a live pianist or even a softly strumming guitar to set the mood at your ceremony. It provokes thoughtfulness and introspection before the ceremony begins. A jazz quartet or a piano gently tinkling in the background as guests arrive and sip cocktails or champagne at your reception sets a mood of elegance and sophistication. You can browse to get more information about it.

Friends and Family

Create intimate places where friends and family can share quiet conversation and where you can share time with loved ones. A big part of the good life is love, friendship, and family and surrounding yourself with the people you love on your wedding day is a testament that you both have lived well.

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