High Precision Drilling Machining

In today’s highly demanding industrial and technological situation when each little bit has been done to decrease lot discounts that sharply trash down margin line productivity, precision technology cannot be ignored because it brings up the necessity of high precision machining methods.

Precision engineering has touched nearly every industry and every one of them needs precision components to conduct their machining processes easily.

Whether it’s a textile mill, automotive industry, nuclear industry, aeronautical business, pulp & paper industry or it’s a power generation company, despite the production techniques they employ, every item needs accuracy, ultimately requiring high precision machining for the last item, with tight tolerances being in microns.

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To aid these businesses CNC machining (Computer Numeric Control Machining) is programmable. When the machine is running & setup, it performs the operation in a very automatic manner, such as adding the drill at the spindle, triggering the spindle, placing the work-piece for drilling, machining the precise hole and then turning off the spindle. CNC machining has enhanced machining processes for nearly every industry and those that have benefited from it comprise metal removal and metal fabrication industry.

For metal removal business, replacing conventional machining methods, CNC machining centers manage procedures including face grinding, contour milling, slot milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, boring, counterboring in addition to turning operations like facing, boring, turning, grooving, knurling and threading. CNC technology has changed all kinds of grinding procedures, including all kinds of OD – Outside Diameter grinding and ID – Inner Diameter grinding and the most typical Contour grinding (where grinding is very like turning).

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