High-End Voice Recorder for Digital Transcription

Due to its untarnished reputation, a number of professionals in various fields have been relying on Olympus device for its ability to record and produce the best and crystal clear sound which would make this things easy during digital transcription. It is the perfect sidekick for those who are working in law firms, medical field and media agencies. Performing dictation tasks will be a breeze since you can always be sure that the quality of voice recordings will never be comprised.

Equipped with a 4 gigabyte internal memory, the Olympus DM-3 is capable of high quality recording up to 25 hours. Credit that to its memory card slot which enables the device to be expanded up to 16 gigabytes. With features not only limited to digital voice recording, the recorder’s functionality has branched out to leisurely play music, podcast and audio books. You will surely be happy to find out that it has a sleek and compact design which automatically translates to its lightweight and truly handy attribute.

The Olympus DM-3 is considered a universal player since it is capable of playing mp3, wav and wma file formats. With its unparalleled function on audible noise canceling, this device gives its consumers the freedom to decide their mode of recording. Compatible for both Windows and Macintosh computers, the package includes the Olympus sonority CD for easier file management. At the same time, its rechargeable lithium ion battery can be used up to 29 hours of recording and playback time. The said battery life is essentially more than enough to max out its available recording memory.

Other features that newbie and seasoned recorder users might find useful are as follows:

Quality of recording can be modified by choosing from available options including CD quality recording

File search function through keyword or dates

Enhanced voice guidance system

Calendar function

Supports multiple languages, namely, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian

The Olympus DM-3 is a recording device for an on-the-go professional who does not only have dictation tasks at hand but also one who enjoys listening to music and audio books during his spare time. As you hit two birds with one stone, you will definitely recognize that this recording device is worth every penny spent.


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