Has Worldwide Brands Become Obsolete?

Worldwide Brands is one of the most popular (read this Worldwide Brands review for a detailed analysis) directories of certified wholesalers, manufacturers and drop shippers online.  It was founded in 1999 by Chris Malta, an established eBay seller, who set up the directory to facilitate better access to suppliers for eBay businesses – especially new sellers.

Since then a lot has changed – 1999 may be only 19 years ago, but on the Internet that's a few generations!

Worldwide Brands now competes with the likes of Ali Express and DHGate – large marketplaces for very cheap Chinese wholesalers and drop shippers that ship around the world.  Both these sites are free to join, while Worldwide Brands costs nearly $300 for membership.

But while both of these marketplaces are great places to find cheap wholesalers and drop shippers they have a few key problems that Worldwide Brands does not.

First of all, shipping from China is very slow and if you're looking for reliable drop shippers, that's a big problem.

Secondly, although there are ratings from other members, DHGate and Ali Express do not certify suppliers and they do not guarantee that they are reliable or of good quality, but Worldwide Brands does – which means it continues to be relevant and useful even in 2018. 

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