Turning your TV or reading the news on the internet, you surely have seen the coverage on the Zika virus in the United States. This of course has caused quite a bit of concern, but there are several methods you could do to help minimize the risk of you getting infected by the virus itself. There are the basics, of course, such as wearing mosquito repellents, wearing long-sleeved outfit when you are outside, investing in mosquito traps, or insect repellent sprays for your clothing and gear. But did you know that you could also help protect yourself and your family from Zika using your lawn sprinkler system? lawn sprinkler company new jersey


There are several natural repellents against mosquitoes, including citronella, rosemary, and thyme, and you can buy oil extracts of those natural repellents and add them into your sprinkler system to make sure that not only will your lawn be as green and lush as possible, but your lawn sprinkler system will also help you repel those nasty mosquitoes and save you from itchy mosquito bites. Aside from the aforementioned oil extracts, cedar is a particularly popular choice as well, and is also one of the main ingredients used in oil concentrates sold for the purpose of repelling mosquitoes. Cedar oil dissolved the exoskeleton of mosquito larvae and eggs, and kills adult mosquitoes by dehydrating them. To use these oil extracts or concentrates in your lawn sprinkler system, make sure to consult your lawn sprinkler installation company about what  the best course of action is, whether it is using an additional machine to disperse the concentrates or to simply invest in a battery-powered sprayer to use with a solution bought separately. For extra protection, you might also want to hire professional spraying service, although it can also be pretty expensive but it will worth every penny you’ve spend on it. sprinkler installation farmingdale nj

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