Doba vs

A lot of people are making money with Shopify at the moment, so I think it's worth writing a short post about some of the top sources of products.  While this won't be one of the longer Doba reviews you'll find online, I will talk about the benefits and costs of using Doba compared to – the leading marketplace for Chinese drop shippers.

What is Doba?

Doba has been around for more than 10 years and was originally founded as a drop shipping service for e-commerce stores and eBay sellers.  It's still much the same today and offers over two million products at trade prices.

Membership to Doba is expensive – at up to $249 a month – but they do guarantee to have the lowest prices for drop shipped goods and they are probably the most reliable drop shipping supplier online, as they fulfil all orders in-house. Doba is based in the USA, and supplies only to US customers.

How does Doba compare to

There are two key differences between Ali Express and Doba:

1. Doba operates only in the United States, while sell from China to the whole world

2. Doba handles all orders bought through their site, while AliExpress is only a marketplace – where your orders are fulfilled by each individual seller you buy from.

Doba is the most expensive, but most reliable – while Ali Express is probably the cheapest and most diverse in terms of different products.   Both are good sources of drop shipped goods at trade prices though.

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