Do You Need House Extensions Planning Permission?

A lot of men and women believe obtaining permission will be a tricky job but if you follow the right guidelines and keep in your allowances then it shouldn't be difficult. It's ideal to always be certain if you do or do not require planning permission before you begin anything to prevent wasting any time.

It won't be necessary that you submit an application for planning permission if the area of land covered by the extensions isn't any longer than half of their property surrounding the present home and that the height of the extensions won't exceed the elevation of the present roof.

If your house and also the projected extensions are confronting a highway then it'll be required to acquire the right permission. You can browse to know more about house extension services.

Whenever you're planning your extensions and you would like to avoid having to declare permission then you can re-examine your strategies and take a couple of things under account. This may help save you the hassle and time of planning consent.

Whenever you're thinking about your construction materials, ensure they are the exact same or similar in look to what has been used on the present home, should you differ from that which was initially used you'll need to get consent.

If your extensions comprise the building of a balcony, veranda or increased platform of any sort, you'll need to get planning permission for it. As will you if you're planning the adjustment or replacement of any type of chimney, vent pipe or microwave antenna.

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