Different Kinds of Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers can be beneficial in many ways in any large gathering, special religious fays, or any protests. Crowd control barriers are very effective and efficient in crowd control. There are different kinds of barriers available in the market for different purposes.

Below are a few types of barriers available in the market:

Steel barriers

The most solid crowd control system is steel barriers. These are very heavy barriers. These barriers have the ability to hold back a huge crowd. These barriers would be a great option for the event that has thousands of people attending.


The most famous type of barrier is stanchion barrier. These barriers consist of thick ropes and are very easy to install. This type of barrier is practical for business events.

Temporary Fencing

 Temporary fencing is a lightweight and very easy to set up. This type of barrier is available in various colors. This barrier can be easily hauled away when not in use.


The retractable barriers are easily installed in a hurry. This barrier consists long poles those are connected with the help of a belt. These barriers are best for temporary use. It is the very useful solution for control huge crowd.

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