Clothing for Muslims – An Introduction

As in all respects of life, Islam also provides direction about clothing for Muslims. Although Islam will not recommend any special style or kind of dress or clothing, it strains on the key points of modesty and decency.

Islamic rules prohibit folks from displaying prosperity and beauty, and stimulate the maintenance a typical of decorum, dignity and modesty. You can sign up for emails to get latest styles and offers.

Clothing for Muslims: CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS

Clothing for Muslims has some basic requirements which must be implemented:

  1. Areas of the body to be protected: For girls, the entire body should be protected, specially the bosom, although they can leave their face/sight and hands uncovered. For men your body should be protected from the navel to the leg.
  2. Looseness: The clothing must be loose rather than body hugging or epidermis tight for men and women. That is why men and women wear loose fit robe like clothes over their regular clothes when in public areas.

THE VARIOUS Types of Clothing for Muslims

Below are a few of different types of clothing for Muslims:

  1. The Thobe: That is an extended, loose, moving robe worn by men. It really is stitched such as a shirt and extends to right down to the ankle.
  2. The Bisht: That is a cloak sometimes worn by men in the thobe. Usually, it’s the religious market leaders and advanced government officers who wear these.

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