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I don’t know about you but I’m seeing ugly Christmas sweaters reviving themselves.

And I’m kind of loving it.

I can just picture going to my grandmas and finding that old funky sweater that’s just a gem.

I’m in love with number two on this list because it has that little yellow detail on the sleeves that makes it more now.

Would you rock one?




Want to make your house festive but don’t have the money? Well here we show you how to make fresh Christmas garland for $4! Hang it around a door frame or use it as a wreaths base. Put it where ever your heart desires. It helps brighten your Christmas spirit but doesn’t dent your wallet!


Today my baby sister Sterling turns 12.

BUT she turns 12 on 12/12/12.

I’m pretty sure I’m making a bigger deal out of this birthday then she is.

I mean seriously when does this happen to someone!

Beside it being her birthday, 12/12/12 is a pretty wicked day so you should all go do something memorable.

Go get a milk shake or check out some neighborhood Christmas lights.





Stamps + Passport

(all these stamps are part of a font! How cool huh?)

{hello + bonjour + buon giorno + hola}


This week we wanted to share our Christmas trees with you for Opposites Attract! We love how opposite they truly are. Airiel went all out on her perfectly decorated tree. The tree is so full with Christmas goodness! I went for the simplistic version this year since we won’t even be here for Christmas. No ornaments = No hassle. I really just wanted my house to smell like Christmas tree. :)

Share some of your trees with us!

And later this week Airiel will show you how to make $3 fresh garland!

xo A + J



Since I was around 10 years old Ive had migraines.  They got bad enough that I started going to a nutritionist who put me on the GAPS diet, its very similar to the paleo diet. In simple words I dont eat grains or sugar.  People always ask me “what do you eat for breakfast then?”.  Well this is one thing i eat!

Apple “pie” yogurt


1 cup plain yogurt

1 apple cut into bite size pieces

1 cap full vanilla extract

A handful of pepita seeds about 1/4 cup

(you can also substitute with sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds)

1 tsp cinnamon (for sprinkling)


Directions: Put Yogurt into your favorite cereal bowl. Add one cap full of vanilla extract and a drizzle of honey until yogurt it sweet enough for you liking. Mix well. Place cut apples onto the yogurt first, followed by pepita seeds, cinnamon, and last but not least more honey. That’s it, pretty easy, and it taste super good too! Almost like dessert!





The only inspiration you find is in

A hungry tiger in a summer suit


A show girl zebra.




We were at Target filling our carts with The gifts from the Neiman Marcus Colab!

What treasures did you find?




On Sunday morning November 18th my beloved Grandpa, Mike Kahl, Died of a sudden heart attack. He was everything to me and my family. It was very bitter sweet for us, because he had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease and we know that he now has a whole body that can Walk, Run, ski, sail, and talk. Things he wasn’t able to do for the last 10 years here on earth. For a little back story on him and my family ill start with the fact that he was a swede and had viking in him so his love for sailing was who he was not what he loved. He was a kind gentle man that also received all the respect in any room he walked in. He has these beautiful blue eyes and a smile that made your heart melt. I was the oldest of ten grandkids so there was a while where I got a lot of one on one attention from him.  My mom was his only daughter, his princess, so I felt I was his princess too. Later finding out that he treated all his granddaughters like princesses, what a blow to my confidence, hehe. Throughout my life I went on many  adventures with my grandpa.  A few being a trip to Bali, many sailing trips, A visit, from me, to Sacramento where he worked (oh yeah did I mention that he was brilliant too! Not only did he graduate Phi Beta Kappa from University of California, Berkeley He was also the assistant to Bob Finch, Richard Nixon’s Health & Welfare Secretary, and was tasked with forming the team that created a new federal department now known as the Environmental Protection Agency and it doesn’t stop there. He later ended back in Sacramento California, where him and his business partner started a lobbying firm KP Public Affairs, which turned into the largest public affairs management firm in California.) sorry for the tangent but im just so proud to call Mike Kahl MY grandpa. Back to my adventures with him, we went on countless trips to Hawaii and when he retired him and my grandma built a beautiful house in Jamul were they started a vineyard with my uncle. If you remembered this post that’s were I got married, I like to call myself the lucky one because I was the only grandchild that was able to have grandpa at there wedding. About a year ago my grandma had to make the tough decision to move from her beautiful dream house to a small cottage attached to my parents house because my grandpas disease was going down hill fast and couldn’t take care of him by herself. More back story on this my parents own lots of land, not only do my parents and grandma live on this land but so does my aunt and uncle, my sister, and me and my husband. Yes we live on a compound, So when my grandparents moved into the small cottage attached to my parents house they moved next door to me. In that last year of his life we gave my grandpa everything we could, took him on bike rides and sailing on catamarans, watched the big bang theory with him and gave him ice-cream when he wanted it. We tried to make his life as best as we could for him. On his last night with us my little sisters found an old toy movie projector, made fliers, hung a sheet, put a snack table with hot coco and popcorn and we all sat outside huddled in blankets and watched Where the Wild Things Are, in really bad quality due to the projector. At the end of the movie the wild things are howling as the little boy leaves in his tiny boat from the island and suddenly my grandpa starts howling which triggers all of us to  start howling and laughing just like the wild things. It was such an amazing night that i’ll never forget. My heart still hurts having to write all of this but I feel because I’m already putting my life out on the blog for everyone to see, my thoughts, loves and dreams, you needed an explanation to why there were absolutely no posts last week. I also feel that my grandpa deserves this recognition as well. He was a beautiful man that I will miss forever but will see soon. You Don’t have to Watch the video but my mom made it for the funeral and it puts pictures to this long post. Thank you to everyone who has kept me and my family in there prayers.




Things are going to be switching up around here on Scout and Harlow. We took some new shots this week and are changing logos and fonts and colors, oh my! Starting fresh for the new year. So look forward to that! We are!

xo- A + J

{photos by Channin Fulton}