Carpet Cleaning 101: Understanding The Hot Water Extraction Method

Learning about the industry of carpet cleaning can take a bit of time. One of the biggest terms that you're going to run across is the hot water extraction method. This method has been popular for decades as the go-to method for cleaning residential and commercial carpeting. It's important that you understand how this method works as it's an essential component of your knowledge of the carpet cleaning industry. 

This method works by the cleaning professional applying the cleaning agent as well as hot water to the carpet. The combined solution is propelled by the steam cleaning machine and it's heated up to about 150 degrees Celsius. This high pressure allows for the built-up dirt and debris to be easily loosened from all the deep fibers in the carpeting. Immediately after the hot cleaning solution is injected into the carpet, a high-powered vacuum works to suck up the hot water and dirt that fell out of the carpet. 

Steam cleaning is one method that you'll find a lot of people picturing when they think of carpet cleaning companies. You can visit to look at pictures of this method in action. Realize that most local professionals will be offering this type of cleaning method as it's considered one of the most effective methods out there. 

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