Can You Put a Carbon Filter and HEPA Filter Together

There are many bad things in the air that can affect you and your family. While they won’t cause a tremendous amount of strife, it can make your every-day life uncomfortable or annoying. You might wake up with a headache or have sinus problems through the day.

There may be a constant odor in your home that you just can’t get rid of. Maybe you have a smoker in the house. The best solution you can have for this is an air purifier. While you may be looking for a specific type, there are two that you might be interested in looking for: a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. Both filters are compared often, but they work best when used together.

Some brands of air purifiers come with both of these filters installed. They can take in particles that cause those allergies as well as those odors you can’t get rid of. You’ll be breathing easy in no time, but you may have to get a larger one for the entire house. Otherwise, you can use it in a room-to-room basis.

Each filter has its specialty, even though they act similarly to each other. With HEPA filters, it pulls in those microbes and destroys them in the woven fabric inside. With carbon, the activated state pulls the gasses into the porous material and keeps them from getting out.

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