Benefits of polycarbonate iPhone cases

Many know an iPhone case that is made of polycarbonate has a lot of disadvantages but  despite the many disadvantages, manufacturers are doing their best to minimize this. One of the things that they are doing while designing the iPhone cases is adding the UV protective coating so as to reduce the turning of the case into yellow when exposed to UV light. This ensures that they will not change their original color when exposed to sunlight. They are also adding scratch resistant or silicone coating to the polycarbonate cases so as to prevent the scratches that they are prone to. 

Since polycarbonate iPhone cases tend to scratch the phone wherever it covers it, manufacturers come with leather or silicone inner padding to ensure that it does not do more harm than good to your precious hand held device. There is no worse thing than a case that you though would protect your phone causing more harm. The padding also acts as a shock absorber every time the phone hits the ground. Due to the slippery nature of the polycarbonate material, the iPhone cases are being fitted with a matte finish or with an outer layer that is made of silicone among other things so as to provide a better and firmer grip to avoid accidental slips. 

A good iPhone case must be user friendly which is not the case on a normal polycarbonate case. What the manufacturers are doing to ensure that it becomes easy for you to put and remove the device from the case is by adding a two piece snap-in clip. The only problem with adding the snap-in clip is that if that particular case is not designed well, it can tend to become very loose with time. All these features are meant to ease the usage of the iPhone cases that are made of polycarbonate. 

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