Bass Traps For Taming Those Pesky Low Frequencies

The first time you mount acoustic foam in your bare-walled studio, you’re hooked.

You immediately notice a dramatic improvement in the level of sound quality you can achieve on each and every recording.

But then you start wondering…can you take it a step further?

Is there some other acoustic treatment you can add to improve the acoustics even further?

Well there is.  They’re called bass traps.  And here’s why you need them:

The Problem with ONLY Using 2″ Acoustic Panels

The goal of the acoustic foam is to absorb ALL frequencies in the frequency spectrumequally.  Why?

Because when you absorb some frequencies and not others, the natural frequency balance gets distorted.  The result is an ugly tone.

The problem with 2″ panels is they can only absorb frequencies well above 100-200 Hz.  But they simply aren’t thick enough to trap anything lower.

To clean up those stubborn bass frequencies, you need a different tool.

You need…

Bass Traps: The MVP’s of Acoustic Treatment

A bass traps have one job: absorbing bass frequencies.  And this is how they accomplish it:

•    They’re thick – Bass frequencies are powerful.  You feel them thumping in your chest.  To neutralize that power, you need a really thick foam such as those used in bass traps.

•    They mount in the corners of the room – Don’t ask me why, but bass frequencies collect in the corners of the room.  Stick your head in the corner of an untreated room, and you will hear the bass get noticeably louder.  Put some bass traps up there, and problem solved.

What You Need to get Started

 For the small to medium sized room of a typical home recording studio, you don’t need much.

A 4-pack of bass traps such as the Auralex LENRD’s is all you need to get started.

Mount them in the upper four corners of your room, and take a listen to the dramatic improvement in sound quality of your new acoustic treatment setup.

For even more bass control, mount a second 4 pack to the bottom four corners of the room as well.

And for the maximum bass control, stack an entire column of bass traps from floor to ceiling in each of the four corners of the room.

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