Badian Canyoneering: Things You Should Know

Canyoneering is one of the famous activities you can do in the small and quiet town of Matutinao, Badian just south of Cebu City. You may find that there are several canyoneering adventure tour operators just like Cebu Tours which is based in Lapu-Lapu City and booking for a private tour with them would totally help you with your tour. 

The start-off or meeting place for nearly all these canyoneering adventure tours is at Badian, Cebu. But the jump-off of the actual canyoneering is at the town of Algeria, Cebu of which your tour guides will take you there. It is also where registrations are done. The 4 to 5 hours activity will then be a downstream canyoneering that will end at Kawasan Falls, Badian Cebu. 


Is it worth to book for a Badian canyoneering tour from a tour operator/tour agency? 

Yes, definitely! Aside from they will help you with preparing your tour, they will also help you with booking for your hotels or where you want to stay and they also offer a drop-off and pick-up which is included in the tour package and all of this is possible only at Cebu Tours with their Badian canyoneering package and as for those other agency, I don’t know if they also do such courtesy. 


DIY Guide

First things first, this is a guide solely for those who are in Cebu City and will be having their canyoneering activity thru commuting a public bus. This would be perfect for those who wants to have a DIY adventure in Badian for the canyoneering activity.

  • First, you must go to South Bus Terminal, it is located near the Elizabeth Mall (E-Mall).
  • Look for the exact bus, you must hop on to the bus that is bound to Bato via Barili (take note of this since there’s another bus that goes to Bato but via Oslob and that bus won’t pass Badian so don’t take that) .
  • Tell the conductor or the driver to drop you off at the Matutinao Church where the canyoning would usually start.


Note: The travel would take 3 to 4 hours and the bus fare would be 120 PHP to 150 PHP, depends on what bus you were taking. (The yellow buses, Ceres, costs around 150 especially if it's an air-conditioned Ceres bus) 

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