Asbestos in Talc – Possible Causes of Ovarian Cancer

Powder, because it is a natural mineral, often contains traces of other minerals when mined. Asbestos is one of these additional minerals.

Asbestos is natural, but it is also harmful to human health and is known as a carcinogen. Inhaling, swallowing, or accidentally taking asbestos fiber can cause tissue damage and cancer in some people. You can browse to know more about ovarian cancer caused by talc.

While mesothelioma is cancer most often associated with asbestos, there is growing evidence that trace amounts of minerals in the powder can trigger other types of cancer, including ovarian cancer in women.

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The Association of Cosmetics, Toiletries, and Fragrances, a trade group representing manufacturers of such products, adopted guidelines in 1976 to ensure that powder products did not contain asbestos.

This guideline is voluntary and states that asbestos found in natural talc will be removed so that consumer products do not have detectable levels.

Apart from guidelines designed to protect consumers from the dangers of asbestos found in hygiene and other personal products, research since the 1970s has found that powder still often contains contaminants.

One study tested several products and found that many contained asbestos which can be easily inhaled by anyone who uses it.

Other research by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found no asbestos in powder but acknowledged that this study was limited. Critics of how asbestos is measured in powder say that the process is outdated and not sensitive enough.

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