All You Need To Know About Boxing

Boxing is a sport which is played between two players, who have to fight using their fists. This sport is popular all around the globe and people also love to watch the boxing matches live while cheering for their favorite player.

Boxing match is divided into different rounds, every round is of three minutes and rest period is of one minute only. Big championships matches have 12 rounds but the number of rounds can vary from state to state or the type of competition it is. Judges uses scorecards during the matches in order to determine the final winner of the match.

A referee is also present during the match who keeps a check on illegal moves like below the belt hitting. If one of the opponent is knocked out during the rounds only than the opponent is announced the winner automatically. Fans search for tickets of the matches as they want to experience the excitement of the match live. One can also buy tickets online for the upcoming matches. The Canelo vs Khan tickets are already available online for the fans.

The match will be held on May 7th in Las Vegas. People are already searching for the online tickets which they can simply buy from different online sources. 

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