All About Key Cabinets

A Closer Look into Features and Uses of Key Cabinets

If you find vital keys lying around at different places within your office facility or in case several people are accessing the keys then it will be necessary for you to make use of a key cabinets to ensure their security as well as prevent them from getting stolen or lost. 
There are key cabinets which can be permanently installed at a place and in addition to it there are also portable ones if there is a requirement to move along with keys.
Our aim here will be to look into few of the important details you need to be aware of before purchasing a key cabinet such as:
• Features of key cabinets
• Uses of key cabinets
• Questions to ask before purchasing a key cabinet

Features of Key Cabinetskey cabinets

A key cabinet can have different mounting options such as ability to secure them to a wall and can contain a range of key rings and tags (such as 28 tags and rings). 
Moreover, many of the cabinets consists of a security lock (both electronic as well as key lock) to prevent unauthorized access. Few of the other features of key cabinets are:
• There are several formats in which key cabinets are available.
• These cabinets have an emergency key which can be used for manually freeing all the keys in case of an emergency.
• The cabinets are made from temper proof material to ensure miscreants can not get access to your vital keys.
• Many of the key cabinets also have key deposit slot which means that several people can deposit their keys without the need to access other keys present inside the cabinet.

Practical Use of a Key Cabinet

Key cabinets find their use at different places such as vehicle service stations and car dealerships. 
These cabinets can also be used at apartment complexes, realty firms, hotels, hospitals, commercial office complexes and similar other places where security of keys and controlling access to them is important.

Questions to Find Answers for Before Making a Purchase

Few of the important questions you need to look into to purchase the right key cabinet are:
• What is the total number of keys that are to be stored?
• What is the purpose behind purchasing a key cabinet – organize keys or something else?
• Is every key which is to be stored is of same size?
• Will it be necessary to store a bunch of keys or large keys?
• Who will have access to the key cabinet?
• Where the cabinet is to be installed?
• Will it be necessary for key holders to deposit their keys into the cabinet?

The Bottom Line

From above details it is quite clear that key cabinets are of critical importance where keys are being accessed by several people. Such cabinets also help in proper organization of keys and ensures that they do not get lost. Moreover, presence of high end security features ensures that only authorized people can access the keys.

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